Case study of an online shop for cameras using the BrightDecide guideplugin

Learn how an online shop for cameras used the BrightDecide guideplugin to create an in-store experience that increases sales and improves SEO.


The online shop is a second sales channel for a renowned brick and mortar store. Its assortment comprises about 250 camera models ranging from beginner to high-end products. To improve SEO and inform visitors the website also has a blog section with some posts about camera technique and the latest trends.


For cameras the sales process typically takes longer and is based on collecting information and comparing products. “In our local store we take our time to advise customers individually to help them find the right product. But we just didn’t have these possibilities in our online shop. I wondered how to improve customer experience and create an in-store experience” the owner says. Hence, he was faced with a high cart abandonment rate. Even though the shop ranked high in Google, many potential customers came to the website to collect information and browse through products first. But they did not feel ready to make a buying decision yet. They went on to competitors to continue searching and often ended up buying from them.

The owner also found, that return rates for products sold online were remarkably higher than for the ones sold in the local store. He started asking his customers about the reasons for returns. Soon he realized, that a majority of them just didn’t buy the right product for their needs.


How to improve customer experience with a guideplugin
Case study of how to improve customer experience with the BrightDecide guideplugin


The owner searched for WordPress ecommerce plugins that could solve his issues. Eventually he decided to implement the BrightDecide WP plugin on his website. As he already has data of the product properties in his system, it was easy to import them into the plugin as a CSV file. After adding questions and answers to the guideplugin, he created a landing page and integrated the plugin via shortcode. The userguiding quiz starts asking about the visitor’s level of experience with cameras and then continues with questions regarding the use cases, ending with a price range. For every question there is a description, which helps the user to click the proper answers. Each of the answers is connected to certain product properties, which narrows down the available 250 cameras to a list of 5-25 suitable products. The standard sorting option is the product’s rating in descending order. Other available sorting options the owner set, are price, focal length and battery capacity. Filters for many properties help the users limiting the list. For most of the technical terms in the filters section he added short descriptions, which show up when the mouse hovers over a filter.

Each of the products is linked to its sales page.


With the BrightDecide WP plugin the online shop now has userguiding with an automated, yet personalized recommendation and comparison engine which drives sales and creates an in-store experience. Analytics show that almost every customer coming to the landing page makes use of the guideplugin. The average dwelling time increased significantly, while the bounce rate dropped. At the same time, the number of email enquiries to the support was reduced. As opposed to the rising sales, the number of returns declined.

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