Get more customers by personalizing
your online experience

BrightDecide will improve your conversion rate, or you'll get your money back

Facilitate the decision making process for your customers

With our guided selling plugin for WordPress you can walk your visitors through a virtual sales process. By using BrightDecide you gain your customer’s trust within seconds. This will speed up the decision making process.

Recommend products that perfectly fit user's needs

The product advisor uses purposeful questions and elaborating tooltips to lead your visitors to the perfect products.

Create an In-store experience with the guided selling plugin
BrightDecide wordpress ecommerce plugins

Increase sales and lower return rates

Buyers that are confident about their purchase are much more unlikely to cancel an order and send it back to you. 

Prevent cart abandonment with userguiding

Tired of customers abandoning the shopping experience before buying? Our guided selling tools will lead them across their buying journey and ensure this will never happen again.

Capture your visitor's attention in 1 second

Create a quiz that will draw user’s interest and excites about your products, ensuring bounce rate to drop.

Create an interactive in-store experience

Userguiding with our automatic product advisor quiz engages customers to interact with your website and hence increaes the dwelling time.

Guided selling tools are among the best wordpress ecommerce plugins

BrightDecide Product Features

Product Advisor Quiz

Product Advisor

Create interactive questionnaires that ask users just the right questions to find what suits them best. The results are filterable, sortable and searchable.
Simply add some questions and link the answers to product properties.

Product Comparison

Automatic Product Comparisons

Your users can add up to five products at a time to the product comparison. It analyzes the properties and calculates a score for each product. Even non-numeric values can be compared. Users can also adjust the weighting of properties in the comparison table.

Personalized CX

Personalized Customer Experience

Speed up the decision making progress of your customers. You can give individualized purchase advise without the cost of personnel in a local store.



You can easily adapt colors and fonts of the plugin to the look and feel of your online presence.
With the Corporate plan you can even use custom JavaScript and CSS to adjust every little detail to your needs.



Designed to serve the ever-growing demand for seamless mobile usability.

GDPR compliant


The plugin does not collect any personal data. You don’t even have to worry about cookies, as BrightDecide only sets a technically necessary cookie, which users don’t have to opt-in for.*

Case Studies

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  • Compare up to 50 products
  • 3 Questions per quiz
  • Customizable color & font
  • Usable on 1 Domain
  • Standard Support


  • Compare up to 50 products
  • 3 Questions per quiz
  • Customizable color & font
  • Usable on 1 Domain
  • Standard Support


  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited questions
  • Customizable color & font
  • Usable on 3 Domains
  • Personal support partner
  • Individual weighting of properties in comparison table
  • Every aspect of the plugin is customizable
  • Custom translation

+ 3 Month money back guarantee

We are 100% certain, that you will see positive results with BrightDecide. If not you will get your money back for up to 3 month after installation.

Do you have special requests or need custom features? Contact us!

*No legal advise. We can not not guarantee that the plugin will comply with each and every local law. Please contact a lawyer to check if the plugin complies with the regulations of your country.