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BrightDecide is a WordPress plugin that improves the conversion rate of online shops by guiding the users to the products that fit their individual needs best. Engaging quizzes, elaborating tooltips and an automatic product comparison enable a level of purchase advise that was only feasable in local stores, until now.

We believe in our product so much, that we even guarantee conversion optimization. If online businesses don’t experience improved conversion rates, they can get their money back. On top of that there’s a free 30-day trial period.

Our main target group are online shops and blogs (blogs that present products with affiliate links). That’s your audience / clients? Then try the plugin yourself on our demo page. If you like it, contact us to start a successful referral partnership with us.

We are happy and proud, that you are considering to partner with us. BrightDecide rewards your loyalty with 10% of the monthly net subscription fee. For a lifetime!


Here’s what you need to know:

  •          Payouts on a monthly basis.
  •          There are no hidden fees. You’ll get the full 10% of the monthly net subscription fee.
  •           We can supply you with marketing material.
  •           You will have access to a dashboard, to gain insights on your referral performance at any time.
  • Integrity is secured by a reliable affiliate tracking system.
  • Cookies are valid for 60 days
  •          Simply use a custom link, no need for you to install any software.
  •     We can set up campaigns exclusively for you (for example coupon codes)
  •     If the customer you referred ends the subscription, the commision payment for that referral ends too. 


BrightDecide offers a free 30 day trial for new customers and a 3 month money back guarantee. To prevent fraud, commissions can only be granted, after the 3 month. Don’t worry: After that period you’ll get the commision for the first 3 month.

BrightDecide stands for quality. That’s why we review every affiliate partner manually. We reserve the right to cancel the partnership at any time. Provisions will be reclined, if an order is cancelled. Provisions may be hold back, if we presume fraudulent behavior. BrightDecide can change the terms & conditions with 21 days notice.

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